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Untamed Adventures of Jacksonville Florida. An outdoor group for women.
Have you ever wanted to try a kayak but were hesitant because you didn't know how or where to go? Would you like to take a hike and learn about the environment? Are picnics on the beach your idea of a good time? Want to go for a bike ride but have no one to ride with? Maybe you just want to leave the world behind for an afternoon and do something for yourself. You can find all this, and much more, here at Untamed Adventures, the only women's ecotourism group in Jacksonville.

The mission of Untamed Adventures is to provide a supportive and non-threatening environment for open-air experiences, create opportunities for women to learn about nature, and arrange opportunities for socialization in the great outdoors!

Untamed Adventures Anthem (by Margie C.)
To the tune of "This Land Is Your Land"
This group is your group, this group is my group
From kayak paddles, to horseback saddles
This group was made for you and me.

And we go hiking, and we go biking
And we get hungry - but not to worry
Because we know we'll find, a good ole place to dine
This group was made for you and me.

It's always fairwinds - and ever smooth seas
For all our outings and in our mem'ries
This group was made for you and me!


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